Whatever the situation, whoever the opponent, today’s success in business is almost impossible without collaboration​
INDEX Group strongly believe in this insight in its every move, whether it’s businesses, formation of new concern, workplace culture, team members’ grooming and participations, dealing stakeholders and so on. Collaboration is now essential to corporate success, regardless of the circumstances or competition.
It would help if you are collaborated with someone familiar with and aware of your needs and someone willing to work alongside you. Establish realistic goals and methods for achieving them. Someone with whom you may exchange information, risk, and outcomes. Discover INDEX Group, a partner you can rely on daily, who is devoted to your success and puts it in writing, and learn about the collaborative business experience.
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Our Mission Towards

We strive to conduct our business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which it operates. We pursue continuous efforts to understand and improve environmental performance across our operations and products, based on sound science.


Evolve and sustain Quality Management Systems of International Standard.

Energy Policy

Promote awareness amongst employees and train them in the field of energy management.


We are committed in safeguarding of the Environment and follows a strict procedure to control Air, Water, Noise and Soil pollution.

Our Sister

From Local Success to Global Transformation Index group creating impact through it’s 8 sister of concern company enriching Lives

INDEX Project
Managment Ltd.

INDEX Farm House Ltd.

INDEX Mining and
Explorations Ltd.

INDEX Logistics Ltd.

Composite Decor

INDEX Distilleries and
Chemicals Ltd.

INDEX Eco Ltd.

INDEX Personal Care Ltd.

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