CSR Strategy:

From the very beginning of the making its CSR Strategy, the Index Group has been valuing lifelong learning and this continuing effort to promote a holistic approach to education and training has been mainstreamed in the corporate version. The Index Group is of crucial importance to improve education and training systems across the country gradually. Over the last few couples of financial period, the fund of Index Group has enabled key actions to support the education & training programs in line with the emphasis on human capacity development.

In 2009, we established a complete educational complex for 100% free of cost studies in Tangail naming Foyaz-E-Rabbaniya Complex. The complex comprises a kinder garden school, a primary school, a madrasa, a college and a vocational training center. Around 3000 students are provided free of cost study facility with a large team of highly educated and well-trained teaching stuff team.

infrastructure development:

The Index Group assessed that educated individuals are highly profitable for the country as they contribute to support welfare policies more than they benefit from them. Indeed, the more educated citizens are, the more they consume, the more they earn, the more they pay taxes including social security and the less they need public spending to raise their children, finance their pension schemes, etc. Besides, the group concluded that higher education attainment also leads to better health conditions and longer lives, higher levels of societal engagement and democratic participation and lower criminal activity. The Index Group has been a major funder of lifelong learning in its last few programming periods; that is focusing on young people, low skilled and older workers who has been employed after having benefited from the Fund. For the educational development, around 142 educational institutions so far have been given financial donations from the group for their infrastructure development.

This Year Mission 

Establishment of an old home and medical college is in process and expected to be completed and operational by the end of this year. Besides, more than hundreds of mosques and temples are given financial support for physical infrastructure development in greater Dhaka, Chittagong and Mymensing region.


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