Bangladesh is experiencing serious environmental degradation. In many respects, the situation has reached crisis proportions. Several factors make Bangladesh particularly vulnerable to environmental damage. There are examples showing that the goals of environmental protection and economic growth can be complementary.

Understanding this fact, Index Group has taken addressing the emerging environmental issues at its prior concern in making corporate CSR policies.

1. The Necessity for Policy Intervention: The expert research team of Index Group has identified that, there are several factors that make Bangladesh particularly vulnerable to environmental degradation. The fragile ecology, delicate flora and fauna, wetness of land, high density of population, reliance on foreign capital for industrialization, poverty of the masses are few such factors. This vulnerability enjoins Bangladesh to make extra efforts to protect her environment.

2. The Necessity for a Social Movement: Based on the findings of the research study in R&D; of Index Group, there are some efforts Index Group can adopt to deal with the environmental problems in line with the government as a partner in support. Index Group in line with the government agencies and in collaboration with other allied organizations is implementing several donor-financed environmental projects.