Index Logistics

Index Logistics Ltd is one the first participants as well as one of the biggest logistics support throughout the country. Index logistics ltd. has decades of experience in air, water and road logistic service. Initially Index logistics ltd. was established to fulfill the logistics support of Index Group. Later, Index logistics ltd. expanded its operation throughout the country with the purpose to provide logistics support to other business.

Whatever it is, wherever it needs to go, however it needs to get there, Index logistics ltd can help you run your logistics on time and on budget. We make our client feel like home and we take all the the responsibilities of providing best available solution. We understand the needs of our clients before recommending a logistics solution that would fulfill our client’s objectives.

Right now, our logistics team work together to offer multiple service capabilities across the country. We maintain smooth and reliable relationship with the network partners and assure financial and contractual integrity in all our dealings. Our approach brings both higher profitability and long term satisfaction of the customer.

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