Whatever the situation, whoever the opponent, today success in business is almost impossible without collaboration. You need to work with someone who knows and understand you, someone who listens to what you really need and with you. Define realistic objectives and the ways to reach them. Someone who will share with your knowledge, practices, risk and result. Discover the collaborative business experience, discover INDEX , a partner you count on day after day, a partner who is committed to help you and puts in on paper and will lead you to success.Index Group is one of the leading business entity in Bangladesh. 

Our main objective is to generate profits as well as maximize assets for our shareholders.We have diversified into manufacturing, service and retail business.Over the years we developed strategic global partnership and discovered new markets. We are unique in attitude and it leads us here in today's position and we are still growing.We know how to collaborate, We know how to put you in paper,We are aware of the satisfaction of our customers and clients.

Index Group