“And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”

(Al Quran 5:32)

Orphan & Orphanage Development Program is purely a nonprofit concern of Index Group that is deeply rooted in the belief of saving lives at priority of all mankind. For this reason, the group is dedicated to alleviating human suffering regardless of race, religion, or cultural background. Although the challenges are many, our efforts nevertheless have reaped great success in bringing food, medicine, and emergency humanitarian supplies to the neediest throughout the country that has changed several thousand lives.

Index Group is tirelessly working to provide adequate and timely needed assistance to people across the country by offering humanitarian services such as food, shelter, health care and education, as well as catering to casualties of socio-economic and political turmoil, victims of natural disasters, and other catastrophes. In the area of community and human development, the Index Group helped the people to congregate and manage their lives. The group continued to support orphanages as well as campaign for orphans’ sponsorships and individual development.

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