Index Power & Energy is one of the largest suppliers of Octane Booster. Octane booster is a popular automotive fuel additive designed to increase gasoline octane and improves vehicle performance. An easy –to-use fuel additive, octane booster is simply added to a vehicle’s gas tank. The use of octane booster provides a variety of engine-related benefits.

According to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Petrobangla sources, the country’s total yearly demand for octane is around 115,000 metric tons, most of which is imported. Experts say in 2015, the demand will rise to 125,000 metric tons. Index Power and Energy is one of the biggest suppliers of Octane Booster to Petro Bangla, through SGFL (Sylhet Gas Fields Limited). We have already completed the first in the series of “LD-k02 Octane Booster (Non Metallic Anti Knock)” shipments (2000MT) to Sylhet Gas Fields Limited.

We, Index Power & Energy take pride in providing environmentally friendly Automotive products that help to increase fuel efficiently, help with the economy and provide for a healthier environment.

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