About US

A Sustainable Journey
ndex Group began as a consulting company in 2006. It is known as Index and has diversified into manufacturing, service and retail. Over the years, it has developed some strategic global partnerships, capturing new markets and discovering new business opportunities. In Bangladesh, Index Group is most often recognized as Index Power & Energy Limited. It has attracted consumer’s immense attention due to country’s demand in oil, gas and power related minerals. Under the banner of Index LP Gas ltd, it is stablishing the country’s one of the largest and most advanced LPG facilities situated in Mongla maritime port. Other Index companies, which already won great reputation throughout country is keen to achieve rapid growth following their ultra competitive business style.

Industry Footprint:
Right now this company continues to expand its footprint, focusing on various markets such as Energy (Oil & Gas), Power, Agro, and Services. Further continuing its business, Index Group has invested significantly in the field of the latest technology to drive forward its journey ahead. Besides, it is also focused on In-House Research and Innovation to be a low-cost manufacturer with high-quality products and innovative customer offerings.

Group Constitution
The Index group consists of Index Power and Energy Ltd, Agro Index Ltd, Zayn Cruise Ltd, Zayn Shipyard Ltd, Index Petroleum Ltd, Index Auto Bricks Ltd, and Index Tourism Ltd. It is needed to mention here that the Index Group has been formed extracting the combined assets of Index.

Climate Change Initiatives
e Company is also actively working in the area of climate change that relating to reducing carbon emission. It includes several projects such as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for this the company won “Certified Emission Reduction Credits.”Besides, it is also extending its hands towards the formation of a new venture. In the area of Health and Safety standards, it also won credits OHSAS 18001.

People Strategy
Index group is widely regarded as a responsible and conscientious employer. Already we have become a member of the United Nations Global Compact. It has experienced in managing the business in different locations with the culturally diversified workforce of Bangladesh. Its people also are working on sensitive issues like cross-cultural nuances. The strategy of the company is focused on learning various cultures which will be helpful to develop the skills of its employees.

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